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October 13, 2008

The case of the dead hedgehog

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From the Telegraph

Methodist minister faked hate campaign against herself , court told

Rev Janet Magee, 62, claimed she was the victim of sinister telephone calls, poison pen letter and had a dead hedgehog and dog excrement posted through her letterbox.

Her complaints to police led to the arrest of Roger Chessell, a Methodist circuit steward, who had openly accused her of “working with or for Satan.”

He was interviewed at length and his house was searched before he was released without charge, Grimsby Crown Court heard.

Rev Magee was arrested after police secretly installed a CCTV camera at her home which proved she could not have received the hedgehog on the date she claimed.

What I can’t help wondering is, how does one put a hedgehog, dead or otherwise through a letterbox? Of course, it must be a relief to the church-going public that the police are ever vigilant against the improper use of hedgehogs.

This makes the current disputes rattling the Anglican church look positively banal.


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