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November 6, 2008

Banquet at Belbury

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For the Anglican Church of Canada words no longer mean – I was going to say “what they used toAdd an Image mean” – anything at all. To attempt to assign meaning to the drivel that Bird and Hiltz spew forth is an invitation to join them in the land where language and ideas no longer have any connection.
From the Anglican Journal

“As is the case with our brother and sister Anglicans in the dioceses of Montreal and Ottawa, I believe we are among those who have been called by God to speak with a prophetic voice on this subject,” Bishop Bird said in a letter issued on the eve of the diocesan synod scheduled Nov. 7 to 8 in Hamilton, Ont.

“I, therefore, intend to ask for a rite to be developed for the blessing of same-sex couples who have been civilly married, along with a process to enable these blessings to take place that will at the same time honour the diversity of tradition and theology that exists across Niagara,” he said.
Bishop Bird said it is his hope that the process will “move ahead as expeditiously as possible and that I will be in a position to report back to the diocese within the next few months.” He assured, however, that all clergy and all parishes would be “fully free to follow their own conscience on this matter, as and when we are able to move forward.”

Bishop Bird’s announcement came in the heels of a recent statement issued by the house of bishops that a “large majority” of its members could affirm “a continued commitment to the greatest extent possible” to a two-year moratorium on the blessing of same-sex unions, while recognizing that this would pose difficulty for some dioceses “that in conscience have made decisions on these matters.” They also said they would accept the request made at the recent Lambeth Conference of bishops for moratoriums on the ordination of gay bishops in same-sex relationships and on cross-border interventions.

And here is an excerpt from That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis, where God confounds the language of the Enemy:

Banquet at Belbury
To different members of the audience the change came differently. To Frost it began at the moment when he heard Jules end a sentence with the words ” as gross an anachronism as to trust to calvary for salvation in modern war”. Cavalry, thought Frost. Why couldn’t the fool mind what he was saying. Perhaps-but hallo! what was this? Jules seemed to be saying that the future density of mankind depended on the implosion of the horses of Nature. ” He’s drunk,” thought Frost. Then, crystal clear in articulation, beyond all possibility of mistake, came ” The madrigore of verjuice must be talthibianised.”
Wither was slower to notice what was happening. He had never expected the speech to have any meaning as a whole, and for a long time the familiar catchwords rolled on in a manner which did not disturb the expectation of his ear. Then he thought: “Come! That’s going too far. Even they must see that you can’t talk about accepting the challenge of the past by throwing down the gauntlet of the future.” He looked cautiously down the room. All was well. But it wouldn’t be if Jules didn’t sit down pretty soon. In that last sentence there were surely words he didn’t know. What the deuce did he mean by aholibate? He looked down the room again. They were attending too much, always a bad sign. Then came the sentence, ” The surrogates esemplanted in a continual of porous variations.”

Anyone see much difference? No? I thought not.

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