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February 2, 2009

Hiltz Havoc

Fred Hiltz, is at it again:

In his New Year’s Day address at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa, Archbishop Hiltz said: “Across the board, irrespective of where bishops stand on the matter of blessing same-sex unions, no one is content with the continuing havoc created by cross-border interventions by Primates and bishops of jurisdictions other than their own. I remain committed to addressing the matter in the Communion and particularly at the meeting of the Primates next month in Egypt.”

First of all, the 26 ANiC parishes are very content to be under the jurisdiction of Greg Venables and the Province of the Southern Cone rather than the heretically inclined Anglican Church of Canada.

Secondly, the only havoc occurring is that being caused by Fred Hiltz and his bishops who are suing many of the ANiC parishes to seize their buildings for financial gain. On Tuesday, Hiltz is presenting this tripe to the rest of the Primates in Alexandria. I do hope they see through him.


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