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February 8, 2009

Free to choose anything but Christ.

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More evidence of anti-Christian bias in the UK; From the Telegraph.

Christian foster mother struck off after Muslim girl converts

A foster mother with 10 years’ experience was struck off after a Muslim girl in her care converted to Christianity, it has emerged.

The woman has been banned by her local council for failing to prevent the teenager from getting baptised, even though the girl was 16 and made up her own mind to change religion.

The carer, a churchgoer in her 50s who has fostered more than 80 children, has now been forced to move out of her home.

She has lost the farmhouse she rented to look after vulnerable teenagers, due to the loss of income.

Another girl she was looking after has been taken back into care.

The woman, who has launched a legal challenge to the council’s challenge, told the Daily Telegraph: “I just want to get my life back.

“I still hope to resolve this so that I can possibly foster again in the future as I simply enjoy helping young people.”

Religious groups and fostering charities condemned the council’s decision, which comes amid a nationwide shortage of foster parents.

Last year the Fostering Network launched an urgent appeal for more than 5,000 families to come forward

Christ does not force himself upon us and compel us to believe in him: God created us in his image which means we have free will; he wants us to freely choose him. In the same way, this girl was not forced to become a Christian by her care giver: she chose. The foster mother’s  local council, a branch of the UK Stasi, setting ideology above reason, followed its mandate to further the self-destruction of the civilisation it is supposed to be serving by punishing her.

Contrast the above with this:

Kidnapped Children Forced to Convert and Marry Muslims Lose Court Case.

Saba and Anila Younas, both Christian, were abducted June 16 by a group of Muslims, and forced to marry and convert to Islam. A doctor’s report establishes that the eldest is 16 years old and thus capable of marriage.

There are slim hopes for the return home of the two Christian girls kidnapped by a group of Muslims on June 26 from Chowk Munda village in Punjab. According to the defence attorney, the situation is more complicated for the older of the two sisters, Saba Younas, who was forced to convert to Islam and marry a young Muslim the day after her kidnap.

The god of Islam compels obeisance rather than offering salvation. The god of Islam is not God.



  1. Islam turns people into evil doers without a conscience. A Muslim with a conscience is not a true Muslim at all. A Muslim must uphold Mohammed’s example and Mohammed raped (married) a woman after he killed her father, brother, and husband. A Muslim must be like that, without any conscience.

    Comment by faithfreedominternational — February 8, 2009 @ 6:54 pm

  2. With respect freedominternational, all religions have a wide spectrum of understanding and practice. I submit that it is unfair to condemn all of Islam for the actions of a few.

    Comment by Jim Muirhead — February 9, 2009 @ 1:22 pm

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