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February 17, 2009

Rowan Williams is out of touch with everything but his eyebrows

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A degree of sanity from a fellow Welshman

A CONSERVATIVE cleric warns that Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams could spark violence against Christians after repeating his claim that elements of sharia law could be incorporated into British justice.

Dr Williams revisited the issues on the first anniversary of the day he originally made the claim.

Now the Welsh head of the Church of England also insists public opinion is increasingly in favour of it.

But Dr Tudor Griffiths, rector of Hawarden, said if Dr Williams believes there is public enthusiasm for sharia law, he is desperately out of touch.

But Dr Griffiths, who is also canon chancellor of St Asaph, warned that when Swansea-born Dr Williams first made his comments it led to an outburst of violence against Christians in Nigeria.

He said: “Many will simply hear that the Archbishop has reiterated his support for sharia law and it will be used as propaganda and will feed violence in some areas of the world.”

How out of touch? Let me count the ways:Add an Image

The 911 way: “the terrorists had no choice”

The Druid way:”Archbishop becomes druid”

The Marxist way: “Face it: Marx was partly right about capitalism”

The Darwin way: “Anglicans back Darwin over ‘noisy’ creationists”

The gay way: “Rowan Williams: gay couples reflect the love of God”

The Zulu way: “Concerns are expressed over Indaba group ‘manipulation'”


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