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March 4, 2009

Sex, drugs and rock and roll, Muslim style

Filed under: Islam — David Jenkins @ 5:37 pm

The Civil Rights Coordinator of CAIR recommends the Muslim Sex Shop among other things:

CAIR-California’s Affad Shaikh is a rebel Islamist. While he performs the normal extremist activities, like obsess over Israel, rail against American troops, and defend militant Islamic groups overseas, he also does many things that could be considered unbecoming of a CAIR leader, at least by CAIR’s disjointed standards of conduct. Yet the group still keeps him on board.

On October 24, 2008, Shaikh wrote of his fondness of a blog which goes by the name Muslim Sex Shop. On his own blog, he stated, “Here I was cooking Macaroni [sic] Bashamel, for a friend, who wanted to get some of my good grubbing, when low and behold someone out in the cyber world sent over a link to the ‘Muslim Sex Shop.’  This American Muslim highly recommends that you visit it.”

And this:

On February 3, 2009, Shaikh discussed the possibility of legalizing prostitution and pot. He wrote, “Thinking creatively might for some mean legalizing some sin taxes – like Nevada, our brothel oriented neighbor – and even things like marijuana. If it works lets take a look at it seriously…”

The Muslim Sex Shop eloquently suggests, Now That Ramadan Is Over, You Can Do It In The Daytime and I expect Affad Shaikh does. Of course, when he has sex and gets stoned, it is a little different from the 13 year-old girl who was stoned because she was raped in Somalia, an Islamist hell masquerading as a country.


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