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March 7, 2009

More on Stephen Sizer

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Stephen asks some questions here and comes to the conclusion that we are besieged by Christian Zionists. I’ve answered the questions in the spirit of Occam’s razor rather than Sizer’s conspiracy paranoia:

Unanswered Questions?

Why is there such a close relationship today between the Christian Right, the political establishment and the State of Israel?

Because Israel is the only functioning democracy in the region.

Why after 40 years, does Israel continue to occupy territory in Lebanon (the Sheba Farms), Syria (the Golan Heights) and Palestine (the West Bank) while Syria has been pressured to withdraw from Lebanon?

Because it is beset on all sides by those who wish to destroy it.

Why is Israel able to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons disregarding every international agreement while Iran is threatened with pre-emptive attack for seeking nuclear technology?

The same reason Western democracies are able to: they have the technology. What Sizer probably means is why is Israel permitted WMDs and Iran isn’t: because Israel is interested in defence, Iran in destruction.

Why has Israel been the subject of more UN Resolutions than any other country in the world?

Why ask such a stupid question? The UN is notoriously biased against Israel.

Why has the USA vetoed virtually every one of them?

The USA still has a remaining vestige of sanity.

Why have Britain and America become the focus of so much hatred from the Islamic world?

Because they have democracies that work and they are not Islamic.

Why are our countries the target for Islamist terrorism – despite our commitment to the rule of international law, democracy and human rights?

Islamist terrorists don’t care about any rule of law other than Sharia.

The answers to these questions remain inexplicable unless we factor in what is now probably the most influential and destructive movement amongst Christians today – Christian Zionism.

They are perfectly explicable; what is inexplicable is why a Christian has to resort to Zionist conspiracies to explain the obvious.


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  1. Great, see more here:

    This surely raises more questions about Stephen Sizer’s views.

    Comment by seismicshock — March 8, 2009 @ 4:10 pm

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