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March 9, 2009

The non-racist Resident Evil

Filed under: Political Correctness — David Jenkins @ 10:27 pm

The purveyors of game 5 in the Resident Evil series want to clear something up: the game does contain violence, blood, gore, dismemberment, and the cooking of an impaled police officer, but absolutely no racism whatsoever; none. Odd, that; after all, it is called Resident Evil, racism is evil, so why not throw in some racism to provide a little variety to the routine dismemberment. Answer: dismemberment is Politically Correct, racism isn’t.

Resident Evil 5 not racist, producer says.

Mr. Takeuchi also said the game’s story line is not meant as a metaphor for AIDS or real-world terrorism.

“Ultimately, I think the problem that we had with this game was a lack in communication,” he said. “I think that’s where this whole issue comes from. When the game is released and when the public gets to play the finished product, I think people will see the whole racism issue was just a misunderstanding.”


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