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March 19, 2009

An atheist wants to be de-baptised

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Is this a convincing argument against infant baptism?

An atheist is trying to get himself “de-baptised” from the Church of England because he believes he was accepted into the religion without his consent.
John Hunt, a nurse, is one of a growing number of people around the world who want their former involvement with faith groups to be struck from official records.

Now 56, he was baptised at the parish church of St Jude with St Aidan in Thornton Heath, south London, when he was just a baby.

But as a schoolboy he decided he did not believe in God and stopped going to Sunday school aged 11.

More recently he asked Southwark diocese to remove his name from the baptismal roll, because he believes he was too young to agree to the ceremony taking place.

It is one thing to be removed from a church’s baptismal records, but how does one become de-baptised in the spiritual sense? Join the Anglican Church of Canada, perhaps.

If this catches on in Judaism, it will open up a new industry in re-attachment surgery.


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