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April 4, 2009

Gayness as religion

Filed under: homosexuality — David Jenkins @ 2:49 pm

This is for those who are still unconvinced of the crusade to impose the religion of gayness on those who would rather not, thank you all the same:

Family in 11th-hour legal battle to halt brothers’ adoption by gay couple

Two young brothers face adoption by a gay couple despite the desperate protests of their mother, grandparents and extended family.

The grandparents, an aunt and an uncle have all offered to give the boys, aged six and nine, a loving home but they say social workers have turned them down without explanation.

Not to mention this, this and these moribund twitchings of a dying ex-Christian cult.

Not only is there a gay crusade, it is succeeding; governments and the Anglican church jump at its behest. It is committed to the destruction of the traditional family and is prepared to sacrifice anything and anyone that gets in its way.


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