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June 9, 2009

The cure for the church of Laodicea

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There can be little doubt that Christianity is under attack in the West. Here are some recent examples:
How to offend Atheist cleaners:

Atheist cleaners could sue Christian care homes over crucifixes, warn bishops

Church care homes could be forced to remove crucifixes from their walls in case they offend “atheist cleaners” under the new Equality Bill, Catholic bishops have warned.

The answer would be for the Christian care homes to hire only Christians – but that would probably run afoul of the Equality laws.

A Christian mother is refused a choice of foster parents:

Catholic mother launches legal battle after son placed with gay foster parents

The mother of a 10-year-old Catholic boy has launched a legal battle after a council placed him with homosexual foster carers.

A street preacher is harassed by police:

The outlook for Christians appears bleak: Christianity is being driven out of public life, attempts are being made to muzzle Christians, there is little tolerance from a society that will tolerate just about anything else and mainline church leaders have, for the most part, given up on religion and taken up politics.

The good thing is, pretty soon the only way a Christian will come out is if he is serious about it.


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