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June 19, 2009

No double, double toil and trouble in RC social club

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We have reached such a point of idiotic political correctness that some words have taken on a deific persona and merely to use them guaranties that all critical thought must be stifled in order to offer the obligatory deference. Diversity is an obvious example; diversity is a good in its own right, no one would ever bother to question whether uniformity might sometimes be better.

Discrimination is another verbal thought extinguisher: to discriminate can never be right. It’s true that Anglicans are addicted to discerning but that never leads to discriminating; discerning is, rather, a technique for indefinite procrastination.

So it comes as no surprise when we see headlines that say Witches claim religious discrimination after church ban. But for a religion to be worth following, it must claim to be at the very least more correct in its perception of reality than other religions: to hold to truth necessitates discriminating against falsehood.

Here we have a spot of discrimination:

A group of witches is claiming religious discrimination after church leaders banned them from using its social club.

Sandra Davis – High Priestess at the Crystal Cauldron – had reserved Our Lady’s Social Club in Shaw Heath, Stockport for her Pagan group’s Annual Witches’ Ball.

But when she rang to make payment arrangements she was told the event could not be held there and – despite already having printed tickets – another venue must be found.

The Diocese of Shrewsbury have since confirmed witches are not ‘compatible with the Catholic ethos’.

Sandra, 61, said: “I’m appalled.

“My congregation is shocked that in this day and age there can be such religious discrimination.

“We’re normal people who follow an earth-based religion and want to enjoy ourselves.

I admit that I too am shocked that in this day and age there can be such religious discrimination. And pleased.


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