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July 13, 2009

What the Anglican church needs is more bishops

Filed under: Anglican Angst — David Jenkins @ 8:47 pm

Bishops galore:

The Church of England needs more bishops not fewer, its governing body heard.

Despite dwindling congregations, worsening finances and a fall in the number of vicars, speakers told the gathering of the General Synod in York that radical plans to cut senior clergy posts were misguided.

They argued that bishops have far more work to do than in years gone by, and that greater expectations are placed upon them.

Prof Glynn Harrison, from Bristol diocese, said: “There may indeed be a case for increasing rather than decreasing senior oversight appointments.”

He said he did not know how diocesan bishops tolerate the growing weight of expectations placed upon them.

This all makes sense: as people “flee from the midst of Babylon” or the CofE, more bishops are needed – to control the traffic congestion created by of the departing hordes, presumably.

In the Western Anglican Church, as the number of members approaches zero, the number of bishops will approach infinity.


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