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July 19, 2009

How many gay people actually want to get married in an Anglican church?

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In Canada, as in most of the Western world, marriage is in decline. Here are some numbers released by Statistics Canada:

Marriage rates per 1,000 population, including same-sex marriages, look like this:

2000 – 5.1
2001 – 4.7
2002 – 4.7
2003 – 4.7
2004 – 4.6

There were 1,369 same-sex marriages registered in 2004.

The population of Canada is around 33,000,000, so in 2004, same-sex marriages catered to about 0.0083% [(1369×2)x(100/33,000,000)] of the population. If we assume 10% of those same-sex couples were Anglican, that means that the Anglican Church of Canada is about to alienate itself from the world wide Anglican Communion, jeopardise ecumenical relations with all other conservative denominations, drive out the orthodox from its midst, and continue its Gadarene plunge into oblivion for the sake of 0.00083% of the population.

Makes sense to me: it’s the master plan for Anglican growth.


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