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September 4, 2009

Fred Hiltz does the Middle East

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And I am sure that no-one is surprised to discover that, according to him, it is infested with Israeli occupiers:

Q: Can you describe what it was like to visit Gaza?

A: It was a bit unnerving going through a checkpoint to show your passport and to answer questions as to why you’re there, how long you’re going to be there and where you’re going while you’re there and what time you’re leaving… What’s unnerving about that is that there’s a kind of tenseness in the checkpoint. We’re not accustomed, for instance, to seeing soldiers standing all over the place with machine guns and their hands on the gun at all times…We went in by car and not a lot of vehicles go through Gaza like that. A lot stand in long lines and wait to be processed before they’re given permission to enter and then they walk through the security or checkpoint.

Take a trip to Paris sometime, Fred; there you will see pimply teenagers guarding the Eiffel tower with machine guns:

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That is because they want to prevent people from blowing it up; get it, Fred?


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