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October 2, 2009

The Diocese of Niagara: Passion for Justice and appeal for $750,000

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The Diocese of Niagara is distributing a letter entitled, “Passion for Justice” in which it is appealing for $750,000:

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A few observations about the letter:

This “Passion for Justice” appears to be little more than a ploy to raise money to pursue further litigation against ANiC parishes; it is being directed at those who believe so-called “justice” will be served by blessing  same-sex marriages and, presumably, suing those who don’t agree. The flavour of the letter is similar to that of the appeals one sees on PBS or TVO, interrupting episodes of Inspector Morse: the lines are open; we only need a few more donors to hit the $750,000 mark – call now.

Of the $750,000 in “unbudgeted costs” the “significant legal costs” for the diocese after the last costs settlements were around $211,000, supposedly leaving $539,000 in  “lost revenue from the four parishes…. [and] costs to provide spiritual, pastoral and operating support, loss of investment income”.  In fact, the actual final legal costs for the diocese will be much higher than $211,000 since the costs that can be recovered in the courts are always significantly less than actual legal costs.

There has been lost revenue from the four ANiC parishes, but this is hardly a cost as the letter states and a diocese with four fewer parishes should cost less to run.

The remaining cause of diocesan impecuniousness is put down to a “loss of investment income”. Perhaps the diocese should find a new investment advisor.

Both the lost revenue and investment losses pale beside the amount the diocese has paid and will have to pay to continue their legal assault on the four ANiC parishes.

I presume the small group of extremists are the parishioners in the four ANiC parishes. “Extremist” seems an odd way to describe parishioners who simply wish to hold true to the Gospel as it has been understood by Christians for the last 2000 years; particularly since the activities of the ANiC parishes have not impeded any ministry of the diocese. It is the diocese that feels compelled to evict ANiC parishioners from their buildings and kill their ministries, not vice-versa. The diocese has pursued the ANiC parishes in the courts with animosity and vindictiveness. When a case cannot be made based on rational arguments, the last resort is often what we see here: name calling.

Much is made of this: “Niagara is a Diocese which includes all the baptised” (unless you happen to be a God-fearing bible believing Anglican, in which case you must be sued) as if lesser dioceses do not. I can’t imagine any Christian church excluding anyone, baptised or not; I can imagine a Christian church that includes everyone and encourages them to try and follow God’s standards as revealed in the bible – I attend one.

In summary, it seems clear that the main purpose of this letter is to raise money for the diocesan legal fund to enable them to continue litigation against ANiC parishes, not to “pursue excellence” or promote justice.


  1. It will be interesting to see just how “passionate” the real folks of the diocese will be in their support of Niagara’s apostasy.

    Comment by Jim Muirhead — October 2, 2009 @ 5:12 pm

  2. […] expert guidance of Bishop Michael Bird, we are in the era of pursuing excellence and – crusading to raise $750,000 in order to keep suing fellow Christians. Such is the march of […]

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  3. so much justice that the former bishop chased out his little competitors from another denomination’s rented church by using high handed tactics and then crowed about it to his clergy. Said little competitor has had the last laugh and is back where they were with a major slap on the Niagara wrist for interfering with other denominations, one they are supposed to be in communion with.

    Comment by Gawk — October 26, 2009 @ 11:36 pm

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