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October 10, 2009

Rowan Williams and the Devil

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Rowan Williams strongly disagrees with the Iraq war and seems to think the Devil was behind it:

Williams cites the Devil in attack on invasion ‘spin’

The bitterness, recriminations and accusations of betrayal which enmeshed the Iraq war surfaced unexpectedly and powerfully at a memorial service for the fallen yesterday.

Dr Williams said: “The invisible enemy may be hiding in the temptation to look for shortcuts in the search for justice – letting ends justify means, letting others rather than oneself carry the cost, denying the difficulties or the failures so as to present a good public face.” In this context, “the invisible enemy” denoted the Devil.

It’s a shame that Rowan can only spot the Devil at work in government when he is working to such dramatic effect in Rowan’s own denomination.


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