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October 22, 2009

The Church of England, heading for oblivion at full throttle

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The Roman Catholic church is poaching in Rowan’s Anglican empire. Rowan did not anticipate Rome’s offer to absorb disaffected Anglicans: it came as a shock, had nothing to do with ecumenism and certainly did not have Rowan’s consent.

Of course, Rowan has brought this on himself with weak – make that no – leadership, speeches that remain impenetrable even by Ephraim Radner standards and an ivory tower elitism that has placed his thinking out of reach and beyond the sympathy of the common  man.

Combine this with the mayhem in North America and it is clear that the Western Anglican Church is going under. What may have been forgotten is that, in addition to the woes of its spiritual and numerical decline, the clouded vision of the CofE led it to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management. The only individual who stands to benefit from this is hoax magnate and conman extraordinaire, Al Gore who is making money hand over fist.

So, Western Anglicanism: spiritually and morally bankrupt and soon to be financially bankrupt.

Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord.


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