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November 19, 2009

Rowan Williams pleads with the Vatican on women bishops

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Rowan Williams, ever in search of the impossible dream, is in Rome:

The archbishop of Canterbury today pleaded with Roman Catholics to set aside their differences with Anglicans over the issue of female bishops, insisting there was more uniting the denominations than dividing them.

Rowan Williams was giving a lecture in Rome before Sunday’s meeting with the pope, their first encounter since the Vatican’s surprise announcement of a special institution for traditionalist Anglicans wanting to convert to Catholicism.

In his address at the Gregorian University, Williams said the Anglican communion was proof that churches could stay together in spite of their differences.

Where has Rowan been for the last 3 years? The Anglican communion is proof that the church can’t stay together once internal differences become as stark as they are now.

I understand that once Rowan has convinced the Pope of the benefits of women bishops he will be travelling to Saudi Arabia to plead the case for women imams.



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  2. Who was that fellow nodding and smiling during Rowan’s speech at the Gregorian? Cardinal Kasper? If so, there is at least one curial bigwig who shares the Archbishop’s noble dream. And isn’t this dream also known as the Gospel?

    Comment by Joe — November 22, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

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