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November 24, 2009

Atheist campaign uses photos of Christian children

Filed under: Atheism — David Jenkins @ 10:30 am

An update to Atheist campaign targets children. It seems that the British Humanist Association used photos of brainwashed Christian children for Add an Imagetheir ads. God has a sense of humour.

The happy smiley children used by humanists in a don’t-label-me-as-religious billboard campaign actually come from an evangelical Christian family.

The images used by the British Humanist Association (BHA), as part of a nationwide advertising drive, were bought from a stock photo library and the BHA had no way of knowing the children’s background.

The children’s father, Brad Mason, said: “It is quite funny, because obviously they were searching for images of children that looked happy and free.

“They happened to choose children who are Christian. It is ironic. The humanists obviously did not know the background of these children.”

Mr Mason added: “Obviously there is something in their faces which is different. So they judged that they were happy and free without knowing that they are Christians.



  1. LOL God is good.

    Comment by Kate — November 24, 2009 @ 5:22 pm

  2. Of course, the atheists/”Humanists” know full well that it’s absurd to suggest that children can grown up in a kind of independent state, and then onjectively make up their own minds. Our society makes sure people are socialised into materialism before they’re about 5. As we should expect, this is just disingenuous deception – and child-abuse into the bargain.

    Comment by John Thomas — November 25, 2009 @ 3:32 am

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