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November 24, 2009

Churches in UK must lift ban on employing homosexuals

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From the Guardian:

Brussels says churches must lift ban on employing homosexuals.

EU decides British government was wrong to allow exemptions under equality law.

The government is being forced by the European commission to rip up controversial exemptions that allow church bodies to refuse to employ homosexual staff.

It has emerged that the commission wrote to the government last week raising concerns that the UK had incorrectly implemented an EU directive prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of a person’s sexual orientation.

The ruling follows a complaint from the National Secular Society, which argued that the opt-outs went further than was permitted under the directive and had created “illegal discrimination against homosexuals”.

It is interesting that it’s the National Secular Society that made the complaint. The NSS believes that Christian Churches are hotbeds of irrationality and superstition and – by NSS lights – anyone associated with or employed by a church would be constantly exposed to propaganda designed to lead them down the slippery slope to that most despicable of delusions – faith.  So what does the National Secular Society have against homosexuals?


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  1. So if I arrived at the NSS doors wearing a clerical collar looking for a job do you think I would get hired?

    Comment by Steve L. — November 24, 2009 @ 2:22 pm

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