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December 1, 2009

Diocese of Niagara: homosexuality is evident in animals, so it must be OK for humans

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Here is the argument for blessing same-sex unions as stated by Charles Stirling in the Niagara Anglican; it is fairly representative of the view espoused by the DoN:

Gay and lesbian people are not mistakes of God, to be loved and honoured by congregations who deny them of the sexual gifts and rights of their creation. Make no mistake, it is a matter of natural desire and not an acquired taste or habit. Sex is the natural expectation of all creatures, who come to develop and find a need for each other. Homosexuality is evident in animals, although it may usually miss our observation, and fortunately we don’t have folk chasing them down to prevent it. Fundamentally it is a matter of human rights, as we seek to improve these rights for all people, as they come to us in faith, as whole people of God.

Unstated in Stirling’s reasoning is the assumption that God’s creation has not been corrupted by Satan and mankind’s fall; thus we find, “Gay and lesbian people are not mistakes of God, to be loved and honoured by congregations who deny them of the sexual gifts and rights of their creation.” By liberal lights, if a human trait exists, God must have made it and all who are endowed with it can indulge the appetites it engenders while the church celebrates and blesses them. Animals do it, it must be natural, God must have made nature that way. It doesn’t seem to phase Stirling that the same argument could be applied to pederasty to equal effect.

Alternatively, if, as the bible tells us, the Fall has infected every aspect of creation so that it is no longer entirely in line with God’s intentions, it should come as no surprise that our sexuality has also become corrupted. Homosexual activity is explicitly forbidden in the bible and the desire to indulge homosexual inclinations is a result of the Fall, not of God’s planning.

To sum up the Stirling point of view: if you feel like doing something strongly enough you must have been made that way by God, so you should be allowed to do it; if animals do it too, that clinches the matter.

In the quest for enlightenment on guiding their flock along the path of moral purity, I suggest the bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada take a trip to the zoo. The last time I was there, I noticed some people admiring a gorilla; the gorilla reciprocated by attempting to urinate on them. As Charles Stirling would note, since this type of behaviour is evident in animals, it must be a fundamental human right.



  1. “God made me. God is responsible for the way I am, the desires/urges I have. God is good. God made me as a good thing. Therefore, what I desire to do is right and good” – Yes, as you say, this is the thinking, today, by far too many, including church leaders. In fact, no. God didn’t make me/the world the way they are. We/it is not good; it was once, but now it is fallen, corrupt, and not what God made/wanted in any way. And such arguments are corrupt also. “The mind of man is deceitful beyond measure” – said a prophet who knew a thing or two about reality, about the (true) human condition.

    Comment by John Thomas — December 2, 2009 @ 7:42 am

  2. Rev Stirling instituted the “Blessing of the Animals” service in my former parish during his tenure there. Now I know why.

    Comment by Jim Muirhead — December 2, 2009 @ 10:46 am

  3. My, my, mice , guinea pigs and guppies mothers and fathers eat their off spring….there have been many a day when I felt the desire…oh no better not say that.

    Some animals insects eat their mates….well
    Shall I go on

    Comment by Share — December 5, 2009 @ 10:25 pm

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