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December 1, 2009

The Gay Anglican Church of Canada has arrived

It has its own Wiki: Homosexuality and the Anglican Church of Canada.

In 2006, same-sex couples represented 0.6% of all couples in Canada. This is comparable to data from New Zealand (0.7%) and Australia (0.6%). Over half (53.7%) of same-sex married spouses were men in 2006, compared with 46.3% who were women. About 9.0% of persons in same-sex couples had children aged 24 years and under living in the home in 2006. This was more common for females (16.3%) than for males (2.9%) in same-sex couples.

So, just in case no-one has noticed, the Anglican Church of Canada has ripped the Anglican Communion to shreds, promoted heresy and become the laughing-stock of rational Christians throughout the world for the sake of pandering to 0.6% of Canadian couples. Most of them must be Anglican priests.


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  1. lol. And weeping. Poor clergy with their increasingly empty buildings. Time to move on, swim the Tiber and respond to the German shepherds offer to Anglicans.

    Comment by John Floyd — December 1, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

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