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December 9, 2009

Niqab nuttiness

Filed under: Islam — David Jenkins @ 5:38 pm

The BBC is touting a breakthrough in Saudi TV: women in tents:

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Burqa Babes

Until recently you would never have seen women presenting television programmes dressed from head to toe in the niqab or burqa. But on the Saudi religious channel Awtan TV it has now become the norm.

Female broadcasters at the station are draped in the all-enveloping dresses, which are usually black and also cover their faces.

But Ms Barqi says nobody “forced the niqab” on her and she does not intend to force it on her three daughters, who watch their mother on television and feel proud of her.

Perhaps Ms. Burqa Barqi should consider a career in radio – using a heavily disguised male digital text to speech program so that insecure, fragile, sexually deprived Muslim men would not be unduly aroused by a female voice.


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