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December 31, 2009

No swearing or drinking allowed for Welsh clergy

Filed under: Anglican — David Jenkins @ 2:24 pm

Rev. Richard Grey, a Welsh vicar has been booted out of his parish for swearing:

A VICAR who is a personal friend of the Archbishop of Canterbury will leave his church today following allegations about his behaviour made by fellow clergymen.

A clergyman from a nearby parish who did not want to be identified told the Western Mail: “I am one of a number of clerics who made formal complaints to the Bishop about Richard Grey.

“I was very concerned at the language he used in a conversation he had with me. It is entirely inappropriate for a clergyman to use four-letter words.

And drinking!

“They have also accused him of having a drink problem, which is totally untrue. He’s a member of the British Legion club and has a drink down there, and it seems some people think that’s not right for a clergyman.

I have no idea what Rev. Richard’s theology is like but I wonder whether if instead of swearing and drinking, he had married a same-sex couple, he would find himself in this predicament.

Obviously Rev. Richard is a bit rough around the edges (he is Welsh, after all); a bit like that carpenter who was crucified a couple of thousand years ago.


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