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January 2, 2010

Anglican Church of Canada may be sharing legal costs

Primate Fred Hiltz has always denied that the Anglican Church of Canada has a concerted strategy in dealing with parishes that have left the ACoC for ANiC, supposedly preferring instead to let each diocese come up with its own plan. These minutes from the Diocese of BC synod from 2008, while not new, seem to indicate the reverse:

Bishop’s Remarks
The Bishop reported that the Diocese was back in Court on May 8th concerning the building currently being used by the Anglican Network. This was previously the home of the parish of St. Mary, Metchosin. Mme. Justice Allan reserved Judgement. It is hoped the Judgement will come in two or three weeks. The Affidavits were extensive. The Reverend Larry Scyner is the Priest-in-Charge of St. Mary, Metchosin. There is a sense in the parish of quiet satisfaction and encouragement about moving ahead.

The Bishop, the Chancellor and the Diocesan Executive Officer are going to Toronto on Monday, May 26th to meet with the leadership of other Dioceses which are in similar situations. The discussions will include the possibility of sharing legal fees. The Diocese of British Columbia has already spent about $40,000 and the Diocese of Niagara has spent about $250,000.

As of 2010, the Diocese of Niagara has already spent well over $320,000 on legal fees and has been rather shy about saying where the money is coming from; perhaps it is scrounging from other dioceses. One aspect of the legal proceedings between the ACoC and ANiC is not mentioned by sober, restrained, respectable people, so I thought I’d bring it to light: a side-benefit of the lawsuits is that it is depriving the ACoC of funds that it might otherwise use to the detriment of the Gospel. Admittedly, the money is ending up in the hands of lawyers, but even lawyers do less damage to God’s kingdom than the Anglican Church of Canada.


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  1. And in order to prove that the Diocese of B.C. needs St Mary’s Metchosin (the new building), they crammed in Synod there. How thoughtful of them. I wanted to call the fire marshals, but thought that might have been too petty.

    Comment by Sam — January 4, 2010 @ 4:02 pm

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