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January 6, 2010

The Anglican Church of Canada is praying for Christian unity

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From Canadian Anglicans to Malaysian Pentecostals:

Pray for unity with other Christians in 2010, Anglican Church of Canada.

Thousands of Christians—from Canadian Anglicans to Malaysian Pentecostals—will begin the new year by participating in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The 2010 week is slated for Jan. 18 to 25 and will focus on the theme “You are witnesses of these things” (Luke 24:48).

Since 1968, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has been jointly coordinated by the Vatican and the World Council of Churches, of which the Anglican Church of Canada is a member. The organizers encourage churches to adapt the materials to their local context and to use the prayers at any time of year.

Here is Bishop Michael Bird, deep in earnest prayer for unity with his Christian brothers and sisters in ANiC – while threatening to sue the pants off them:

We can say that we are pleased that the Vancouver judge has recognized the structure of the Anglican Church and most specifically, the Diocese of New Westminster. This decision supports our contention that while individuals are free to leave the Church, the property has always been held in trust by the Diocese. We are now anticipating moving this legal case forward here in Niagara and to have this matter settled so that we may continue in our mission and ministry.

The Anglican Church of Canada, along with The Episcopal Church, has made the most vigorous assault on Christian unity since the reformation, so with apologies to William Blake:

Pray on, pray on, Fred Hiltz, Mike Bird:
Pray on, Pray on: ‘tis all in vain!
You throw the sand against the wind,
And the wind blows it back again.

The Anglican Church of Canada: hypocrisy at prayer.


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