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January 27, 2010

No burka ban in Canada

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From the London Free Press:

OTTAWA — The Conservative government will not follow France’s lead to consider banning the burka.

“In an open and democratic society like Canada, individuals are free to make their own decisions regarding their personal apparel and to adhere to their own customs or traditions of their faith and/or beliefs,” said a spokesperson for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. “We have no plans to introduce justice legislation in this matter.”

The Muslim Canadian Congress is calling on the feds to impose limits on the wearing of the full veil, suggesting “political correctness” is preventing politicians from tackling the sensitive subject.

“It’s a control thing, identifying with Muslim brotherhood,” said senior VP Salma Siddiqui. “Basically it is a subserviant tool.”

Her group plans to lobby politicians from all parties in May.

Liberal MP Marlene Jennings said Canada’s charter rights protect religious freedom, and the Supreme Court has consistently ruled not to impose any limits.

“Canadian women have the right, if they want, to wear a burka,” she said. “As a woman, clearly it makes me a little uncomfortable. But then there are other practices that are perfectly legal and acceptable that make people uncomfortable.”

Every person does have the right – within legal limits – to wear what he or she wishes in a democratic society; that is why the government should intervene when women are forced to wear a burka by their husbands. The solution is obvious: the government should do what it always does when it is trying to discourage activities that it disapproves of: tax them. There should be a burka tax; tax the buying of burkas, tax the income of husbands of women who wear burkas; impose annual licensing fees on burkas along with number plates – paid for by the husbands; track burkas with street cameras and impose a burka surcharge tax on burka wearers entering public places where people may be traumatised by second-hand burka claustrophobia.

That should sort it out.



  1. Its a human right issue.

    Comment by Allan — January 28, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

  2. What isn’t – to someone?

    Comment by Warren — January 28, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

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