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February 5, 2010

Greening Sacred Space Awards

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Is humanity a cosmic stage where the armies of righteousness battle the fallen powers of darkness until the Final Battle when the Beast will be cast into the Lake of Fire, the dead will be raised and Christ will return to claim his own?

Or is it all about installing a bike rack, eating local and holding recycling bin classes?

Well, the winner of the Greening Sacred Space Award has the answer:

St James has had a walkthrough audit, they have held 2 eat local feasts, they have bought a bike rack, they offer regular recycling/composing/green bin use education to the community at large. They are part of the newly formed Eco-Churches of West Hamilton and they are heavily involved with climate change action (350, Copenhagen). The have helped develop a green cleaning products guide that FCG have adapted.

Personally, I am proud to announce that St. Hilda’s, ANiC is doing its bit to become green. While CGI simulated congregations from the Diocese of Niagara were occupying the worship space, they didn’t look after it very well; the orange carpet was afflicted with damp, became mouldy and turned a verdant shade of green in parts. To combat global warming, the greening of the carpet will be encouraged to flourish.


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  1. Your “green” mould may be dangerous to the health of your congregation. Lack of maintenance by the diocese could be an expensive problem for St. Hilda’s.

    Comment by obituary — February 6, 2010 @ 11:52 am

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