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February 18, 2010

Ugandan aversion therapy

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Martin Ssempa, a Ugandan pastor has supposedly shown homosexual pornography in his church to let people know “what homosexuals do.” For most of us, it is sufficient to imagine.

I suspect that the well intentioned cleric has made a bit of a blunder; perhaps he was trying to deter his congregation from following suit by exhibiting the undisputable (to a heterosexual) yuck factor; perhaps he genuinely thought his congregation could not make an informed decision without seeing for themselves “what homosexuals do”; or perhaps he is naïve and overzealous.

The usual coterie of LBGT and leftist hangers on have roundly condemned him.

John Bothwell, at one time bishop of the Diocese of Niagara, used to take a similar approach to toughen up his seminary students before agreeing to employ them. Every year he would show ordinands a pornographic homosexual film to introduce them to the real world – at least, his real world. The only people who complained were the audience.

Here is the article from the BBC:

An anti-gay clergyman in Uganda has screened gay pornography in his church, in an attempt to gain support for proposed anti-homosexuality laws.

“We are in the process of legislation and we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do,” Pastor Martin Ssempa told the BBC.

Gay rights activists suggested the pastor “needed medical help”.

The anti-gay bill, which proposes the death penalty for some gay people, has caused outrage around the world.

US President Barack Obama described the proposals as “odious”.

Monica Mbaru, from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, roundly condemned the pastor’s behaviour.

“You cannot screen pornographic material to your followers and then want to argue that you are upholding society’s morals,” she told the BBC.

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