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February 21, 2010

Islam and imagination

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Someone once said that the prospect of having sex with a duchess is more alluring than the prospect of having sex with a chamber maid. The point he was making was that imagination plays a greater part in sexual temptation than flagrantly exposed flesh: the apparently unobtainable is more enticing than what is freely proffered. This is what is missing in Islam’s potty attempt to keep Muslim men free from temptation: that which cannot be seen but only imagined is often more tempting that something that is flagrantly exposed.

Any Muslim man watching this should have a cold shower afterwards:

Of course, sometimes the imagination can play tricks on you:

An unnamed Arab ambassador has successfully had his marriage annulled after discovering that his veiled wife was bearded and cross-eyed.

The case has gripped the once-booming city-state of Dubai, where old and new world still meet jarringly.

According to the Gulf News, the ambassador told a Sharia court that he was unable to get a look at his future wife’s face until after they had been married. On the few occasions when they did meet, she wore a niqab, which covers all of the face except for a thin slit for the eyes.

The man claimed that his mother-in-law tricked him by showing him pictures of his future wife’s sister instead.

Once he and his future bride, a physician, signed their marriage contract, the man described how he had kissed his bride. Once she removed her covering, he found that she had a surfeit of facial hair that he described as a beard, and that her eyes were crossed.


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