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March 6, 2010

Apparently, size does matter

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I recall walking into a chemist to buy my first packet of condoms in my reprobate youth; back in the middle-ages you could not simply pick them up from an easily accessible shelf, you had to ask for them. As fate would have it, I was confronted by an attractive young lady assistant who asked me “what size?” Not having done this before, I had to quickly assess whether she was referring to the size of the condom, the number in the packet, or whether she was simply having fun with me. In retrospect, I’m sure it was the latter. I played it safe and said “large” – after all, what self-respecting youth would admit to small; but, then, I wasn’t 12:

Twelve-year-old boys in Switzerland will soon be able to buy packets of extra small condoms, and the controversial contraceptives may soon be on their way to the UK.

The Hotshot condoms, manufactured by Lamprecht AG, have been produced after research by the Swiss Government revealed that an increasing number of twelve to 14-year-olds are having sex.


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