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March 9, 2010 for sale

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Malcolm Muggeridge noted that sex is the mysticism of materialism; things have degenerated considerably since he made that observation: we now have which is the mysticism of solipsism.

And it is for sale:, a popular domain name on the internet, will be auctioned off in New York this month after its owners defaulted on debt payments.

Boston-based Escom purchased the name in 2006 for a record $14 million US, but the name is not expected to fetch anywhere near that price when it goes on the auction block March 18.

Online bidding for the name starts at $1 million, according to the auction site David R. Maltz and Co. Inc., based in New York.

“We expect to have a very productive auction,” Scott Matthews, the lawyer handling the auction, told the New York Post.


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