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March 16, 2010

May the diversity Force be with you

Filed under: Political Correctness — David Jenkins @ 2:00 pm

Once again the Force has bent the will of its detractors – insufficiently inclusive government employees in this case – into submission:Add an Image

As any Star Wars fan knows, the Force is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to control the minds of weak-willed individuals.

So when Jedi believer Chris Jarvis was told to remove his hooded top at a Jobcentre, its staff must have been made of stern stuff.

Despite explaining he wears a cowl as part of his faith, the 31-year-old was marched off the premises by security guards after refusing to comply.

Infuriated by his treatment, he wrote a letter of complaint to the branch in Southend, Essex, and was surprised to receive an apology which said the service ’embraces diversity and respects customers’ religions’.

Despite the olive branch, the disabled father of three is planning to sue Jobcentre Plus for discrimination.

One wonders what organisation could possibly want to employ him. Hmmm.


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