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April 6, 2010

Another vapid Anglican mantra: Change is Good!

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A couple of years ago I was walking barefoot around the house when, on my left foot,  I caught the space between the little toe and the toe next to it on the edge of a door. It hurt a bit; I looked down and couldn’t help noticing that my little toe was standing out at a 90 degree angle to it’s normal resting position. When my wife told me I would have to have something done about it, I told her, “not to worry, I’ll cut a hole in all my shoes and let the toe poke out the side. After all, Change is Good!™” I ended up opting for the same old familiar, dull toe angle that my wife was used to; the first thing the doctor said to me when he looked at it was “I bet you don’t want me to touch that”. I’ll spare you what happened next.

Because of financial embarrassment, the Diocese of BC is busy closing churches. Not to worry; as the editor of the Diocesan Post notes (page 5), Change is Good™:

Change really is GOOD.

The Diocese is undergoing a transition and while it is hard, painful for some, a relief for others, it is changing none-the-less. And you, we, as people of Christ, either need to get on board or get off.

Of course, sometimes change is good; that’s why so many parishes have chosen get off the Anglican Church of Canada and realign with vast majority of orthodox Anglicans.


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