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April 6, 2010

The Anglican Peace and Justice Network calls for setting aside “internal divisions”

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From the Anglican Journal:

Anglican churches should set aside their internal divisions and be sensitive to the needs and struggles of people in societies worldwide, an international body representing various provinces of the Anglican Communion has urged.

The call was made by delegates to the triennial meeting of the Anglican Peace and Justice Network (APJN), which met March 14 to 20 in Geneva.
The APJN also urged member provinces of the Communion to “incorporate issues of justice into missional work and into theological education at every level.”

A network of the Communion, the APJN is the vehicle by which Anglicans around the world collectively advocate for global peace and justice issues. Now in its 25th year, the APJN is composed of representatives from about 24 active provinces of the Communion.

Since the Diocese of Niagara is hosting the fun-filled Justice Camp in May, this must mean that Bi$hop Michael Bird is going to set aside his differences with the three Niagara ANiC parishes and stop suing them; right Mike?



  1. So after I decoded this the message is:
    You Anglicans who want to be Faithful to God should just bend over and take the homo agenda because you are diverting the attention of the revisionists away from the cause of spreading the homo agenda to other areas of the world. How dare you want to fulfill the Great Commission! Don’t you know that the revisionists “know” that there are other more important things to be done.

    Comment by AMPisAnglican — April 6, 2010 @ 4:54 pm

  2. The issue of why the leadership of the ACoC is supporting SSB’s and an abandonment of scripture and tradition has troubled me.
    From a pastoral standpoint, there are very few Sb’s being performed and there are relatively small numbers of GILT(etc) in their pews.
    Although I expect that there are many different motivations, I can’t pin point one dominant strain. One thing I am sure of though, and I have to disagree with my brother AMPisAnglican, is that it is not a slavish adherence to “homo agenda”.

    Comment by Jim Muirhead — April 6, 2010 @ 10:33 pm

  3. Pardon the typos -they were “corrections” (SSB’s , GLT) automatically made!

    Comment by Jim Muirhead — April 6, 2010 @ 10:36 pm

  4. Jim I agree with you. The “agenda” is only a symptom of the disease. But not to worry the retirement packages are all in place and being slowly sold off to keep the boys and girls in matches and dynamite.

    Comment by Gawk — April 7, 2010 @ 6:45 am

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