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April 29, 2010

The Anglican Church of Canada does health and wealth

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Its own health and wealth, that is; it now has a Theology of Philanthropy:

The new way: a theology of philanthropy
While we admit that putting a stop to this is not an easy task, and certainly not something we can do alone, the Department of Philanthropy is working diligently with dioceses, parishes and our partners within the national church to help the church unearth a theology of philanthropy—a theology that is mission-driven and that inspires Canadian Anglicans to give gladly as a faithful expression of their Christian vocation.

If the Biblical injunction to tithe hasn’t persuaded Anglicans to fork over their cash, there’s going have to be a lot of digging before the ACoC unearth(s) a theology of philanthropy that will. Oh, sorry, I forgot: to take tithing seriously requires a literalistic reading of Scripture.


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