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April 27, 2010

World Vision and abortion

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The Conservative government has taken a stand against abortion which appears to upset World Vision:

HALIFAX — The political debate about whether Ottawa should fund safe abortion services overseas is a distraction, and should not be allowed to derail a new Canadian-led campaign to save the lives of new mothers and children the world’s poorest countries, says World Vision Canada.

World Vision is one of a handful of independent relief agencies, working in the developing world, that convinced Prime Minister Stephen Harper in January to make maternal and child health care in Africa and Asia one of his new international priorities.

Harper’s International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda, is in Halifax today hosting a meeting of her counterparts from the G8 nations, to try to hammer out a consensus on funding a new maternal health initiative.

The initiative has become a political hot potato in Canada, however, because of long-standing disagreements over abortion. Oda announced on Monday that any new Canadian efforts to improve maternal health care in poor countries would not include abortion services.

No matter, says World Vision. There are bigger issues at stake.

“The debate is ongoing in Canada. We’re not going to solve it. But we’re not prepared to see this initiative derailed while we’re trying to sort out the ideologies around this,” says Caroline Riseboro, World Vision Canada’s vice-president of public affairs.

Why is World Vision Canada not applauding the government’s opposition to killing the unborn? I really do hope that it’s not because World Vision surreptitiously condones abortion – particularly as I have supported them for many years.


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