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March 5, 2010

Diocese of Toronto: going down slow

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In April 2009, the ACoC House of Bishops declared a fiat that no member of ANiC would be allowed to lead a Cursillo group.

The bishops also stated, “with regret,” that clergy and laity who are members of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) “should not be given permission to exercise a leadership role in the Cursillo movement of the Anglican Church of Canada.”

In September 2009, ANiC formed its own Cursillo group under the name of Anglican 4thDay.

Coincidentally, the Diocese of Toronto’s Cursillo has ceased to be; there couldn’t be a connection, could there?

Dec. 31, 2009, saw the end of the Diocese of Toronto’s renewal movement called Cursillo. It had been established in 1976 by the late Rev. Canon Graham Tucker with the support of the late Archbishop Lewis Garnsworthy. Its mandate was to empower and train lay leaders.

In the same issue of the Toronto diocesan paper, Fresh Expressions is exhorting ACoC Anglicans to indulge in the seemingly worthy, but ultimately futile fantasy of hastening the eschaton by trying to build the kingdom of God on earth:

RACHEL Jordan has some advice for Anglicans who believe that someone else is going to build the kingdom of God here on Earth. “There isn’t a Plan B – you’re it,” she says. “You are the people God has chosen to be his agents right here, right now.”

Giving their buildings away – as long as it’s not to ANiC:

Ms. Jordan says tiny, dwindling congregations that are struggling to maintain large and costly churches can play a vital role in creating fresh expressions of church. “It may be time for them to say, ‘If there are only 25 of us, then we don’t need the big building with the leaky roof. We could give it away.”

And “heading into the unknown” – a theological landscape currently occupied by bishops:

He says Christians don’t need to be afraid to leave their churches and head into the unknown.

It sounds as if the Diocese of Toronto is in trouble and is about to start making the same Visionary Changes™ that the Diocese of BC is making: closing parishes.


February 25, 2010

The Diocese of Toronto urges action on poverty

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The important word in the headline is “urges”. The diocese would rather not do anything itself; after all, why would it when it is so much easier to urge.

Anglicans join Archbishop to urge action on poverty in budget.

While agreeing that the government faces a major fiscal deficit, the brief notes society’s “colossal human deficit, of needless suffering, hardship and lost opportunity.” Foodbank usage soared by 19 per cent in Ontario in 2009, so that 374,000 Ontarians now use foodbanks.

Ontario’s government was also praised for positive steps, such as a commitment to reduce child poverty by 25 per cent by 2013.

Anglicans across the diocese are adding their voices in support of the brief. St. Martin, Bay Ridges, Holy Spirit, Dixie North, and St. Barnabas, Chester, passed vestry motions supporting the brief. St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Toronto, produced a bulletin insert.

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church makes this curious confession:

In their letter to Mr. Duncan, members of St. Matthew, Islington, said “it is immoral to live in a society in which the top 10 per cent of families now receive 75 times more income than the bottom 10 per cent.”

By their own lights, these members of St. Matthew, Islington are living an immoral life. Never fear, intrepid St. Mathews’ members, a moral life awaits you in a damp cave in the remote mountains of Afghanistan; bon voyage.

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