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November 30, 2009

Diocese of Ottawa: please get married here

The Diocese of Ottawa is “testing” same sex blessings:

Bishop John Chapman has given a church in the diocese of Ottawa permission to begin offering a rite of blessing to same-gender couples who are civilly married.

The Church of St. John the Evangelist could offer its first blessing as soon as a married couple asks. At least one person in the couple needs to be baptized.

Bishop John Chapman is now scouring Canada trying to find a homosexual couple who want to get their marriage blessed in his church. I understand that he did find one couple but lost them to Bishop Michael Bird after a brief scuffle.


November 28, 2009

Heterosexual couple want to play at being homosexual

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I suppose it was inevitable at some point: in the name of equality, a heterosexual couple want a gay wedding:

A STRAIGHT couple battling to have a “gay” civil partnership in the name of sexual equality are to have their case raised in Parliament.

Civil servants Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, of North Road, Holloway, feel “alienated from the patriarchal traditions of marriage” – but because they are heterosexual they are banned from having a civil partnership under UK law.

The couple, who have been together almost four years, filed an application for a so-called “gay marriage” but were turned down by the registrar at Islington Town Hall, in Upper Street, on Tuesday.

Mr Freeman said: “It’s been very worthwhile. We’ve attracted a lot of interest from lawyers who obviously think we have got a case.

Finally lawyers have found something useful to do.

November 24, 2009

Churches in UK must lift ban on employing homosexuals

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From the Guardian:

Brussels says churches must lift ban on employing homosexuals.

EU decides British government was wrong to allow exemptions under equality law.

The government is being forced by the European commission to rip up controversial exemptions that allow church bodies to refuse to employ homosexual staff.

It has emerged that the commission wrote to the government last week raising concerns that the UK had incorrectly implemented an EU directive prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of a person’s sexual orientation.

The ruling follows a complaint from the National Secular Society, which argued that the opt-outs went further than was permitted under the directive and had created “illegal discrimination against homosexuals”.

It is interesting that it’s the National Secular Society that made the complaint. The NSS believes that Christian Churches are hotbeds of irrationality and superstition and – by NSS lights – anyone associated with or employed by a church would be constantly exposed to propaganda designed to lead them down the slippery slope to that most despicable of delusions – faith.  So what does the National Secular Society have against homosexuals?

November 4, 2009

Transsexual Jesus sparks protests

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From the BBC:

About 300 protesters held a candlelit protest outside a Glasgow theatre over the staging of a play which portrays Jesus as a transsexual.

The protest was held outside the Tron Theatre, where Jesus Queen of Heaven, in which Christ is a man who wants to become a woman, is being staged.

It is part of the Glasgay! arts festival, a celebration of Scotland’s gay, bi-sexual and transsexual culture.

Festival organisers said it had not intended to incite or offend anyone.

The Christian protesters gathered outside the theatre ahead of the opening night of the production on Tuesday.

Jesus Queen of Heaven, which runs until Saturday, is written and performed by transsexual playwright Jo Clifford.

The demonstrators sang hymns and waved placards.

One read: “Jesus, King of Kings, Not Queen of Heaven.”

Another said: “God: My Son Is Not A Pervert.”

Festival organisers described the banners as “fairly provocative” and said they could be viewed as inciting homophobia.

Glasgay! producer Steven Thomson said: “Jesus Queen of Heaven is a literary work of fiction exploring the artists own personal journey of faith as a transgendered person.

“Glasgay! supports the right to freedom of expression and offers audiences a diverse view of LGBT life.

Let me see if I have this right: the festival organisers object to demonstrators exercising freedom of expression, calling it homophobia, while at the same time proclaiming their right to portray the person whom 2 billion people believe to be God incarnate as a sexual pervert – in the name of freedom of expression.

More on this here.

October 27, 2009

Beware of the Anglo-Catholics

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In Brideshead Revisited, when Charles’s cousin Jasper advises him to “Beware of the Anglo-Catholics—they’re all sodomites with unpleasant accents. In fact, steer clear of all the religious groups; they do nothing but harm.”, I thought Evelyn Waugh was exercising poetic license, or at least exaggerating.

But perhaps not:

But property matters and theology are not the only stumbling blocks on the road to Rome. There is another elephant in the vestry. It is one that is not spoken about openly; it is suppressed by a potent mixture of political correctness and traditional church hypocrisy. But it’s high time it was aired. It is this: a very significant proportion, perhaps even a majority in some dioceses, of Anglo-Catholic clergy are homosexual men. Everyone with a ministry in the Church of England knows this.

Just what the Roman Catholic Church needs: more homosexual priests.

October 18, 2009

Toronto to host 2014 homosexual World Pride event

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It appears that Toronto won its bid:

An international celebration of gay rights will be held in Toronto in 2014.

The city has been chosen to host World Pride, a statement on the website of the Pride Toronto organization announced Sunday.

World Pride, which includes a parade, festivals and cultural activities, promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues on the international stage.

One wonders what there is to celebrate: an onslaught of tourists and money, I suppose – and the enshrinement of buggery as a socially acceptable diversion.

September 23, 2009

The Gay Divorcee

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The 1934 version has acquired an entirely new meaning:

Trapped in a bad marriage?

Sorry, really. But you’ve got nothing on Larissa Chism and Tara Ranzy, a divorce-seeking Indiana couple doomed to live unhappily ever after and after and after by a legal Catch-22.

Chism, a psychiatrist, and Ranzy, an educator, wed in Toronto in January 2005. In March of this year, they filed a divorce petition.

In many respects, their case was rubber-stamp simple. They had no children; they had already divided their property; neither was pregnant. Unfortunately, an eagle-eyed court employee noticed the one complicating fact in their one-page joint submission: Larissa and Tara are both women’s names. Indiana does not grant or recognize same-sex marriages.

And so, a court there ruled Sept. 4, Chism and Ranzy cannot end their marriage because their marriage does not exist.

Nor can they simply return to Toronto to obtain a quickie divorce here, as one prominent Indiana social conservative suggested to the Indianapolis Star. Ontario, like same-sex-marriage-granting Massachusetts, requires one spouse to be a resident for a year or more before a divorce can be approved.

A perfect illustration of the chaos wrought by contemporary gender confusion; although if it had to happen to anyone, a psychiatrist and an educator seems fitting.

September 20, 2009

Pierre Trudeau in the Queer Hall of Fame

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From the Star:

‘Queer’ hall of fame inducts Pierre Trudeau.

VANCOUVER–Pierre Trudeau’s flamboyance and tendency to provoke debate often landed him in controversy and those traits have now landed him in the Queer Hall of Fame.

Trudeau is one of five inaugural inductees into the newly established hall, along with Olympic gold-medal swimmer Mark Tewksbury and three other long-time activists in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.

The former prime minister was a key figure in decriminalizing homosexuality and his famous partial quote – “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation” – helped convince Parliament to pass the law in 1969.

For a liberal such as Trudeau, the bedroom was just about the only place where the state had no place: it intruded everywhere else. That has all changed: now you can’t keep the state out of the bedroom – particularly children’s bedrooms. We have diverse, inclusive, pornographic state sponsored sex indoctrination designed to convince the last people who need convincing – hormone-inflamed teenagers – that sex is enjoyable:

In her workshops, Jansen urges teens to ask about anything and everything, from masturbation, gender identity and same-sex feelings to sex toys (which they keep on hand in case the subject comes up), why people like oral sex, and why that particular act should go both ways. She encourages them to role play in order to learn how to broach difficult conversations. For instance, how do you raise the subject of condoms in the heat of the moment? And what do you do if a boy says he won’t wear one? To help illustrate the “pleasure centres” portion of the lesson, Jansen and her colleagues bring in visual aids from the store, including a plush pink vulva puppet. “People laugh. They can’t believe it,” she says. “But they don’t know what a vulva looks like. Adult women don’t know what a vulva looks like.” To describe the male anatomy, they bring a dildo. “We usually bring one that is silver-coloured and we say, ‘This is the head of the penis. This is the shaft. These are the sensitive parts.’ ”

September 11, 2009

Toronto’s shame

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Toronto is bidding to host the 2014 “pride” parade:

TORONTO, September 10, 2009 ( – Promoters of Toronto’s sordid annual homosexual “pride” parade are upping the ante with a bid to have the city host World Pride in 2014.

“We believe that hosting World Pride 2014 in Toronto will engage and inspire people from around the world, be a fabulous celebration of Pride and showcase Toronto as one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the world,” wrote Pride Toronto co-chair Mark Singh in a Pride Toronto press release.

Singh claims that this summer’s homosexual festival, held during the city’s garbage collection strike which filled parks and streets with rotting refuse, “attracted 1.3 million people” and generated “$100 million in business.”

From the city’s perspective, this is all about money and power. In 2009, $400,000 of taxpayer’s money was donated to fill the streets with moral decay, seemingly in an effort to outdo the stink of the physical decay from the rotting garbage. Erstwhile respectable companies – TD Canada Trust and IBM for example – vied with each other in their efforts to make money from the “GLBT community” and trendy leftist politicians marched in solidarity with cavorting degenerates in order to gain a few votes. Having no moral direction or self respect, capitalism and democracy grovel before the altar of Baal; they can’t last much longer, surely.

September 7, 2009

The “AIDS is a Mass Murderer Ad”

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A German advertisement compares AIDS to Adolf Hitler:

A tasteless advertisement featuring Adolf Hitler having sex has been condemned by HIV charities.

The steamy advert, filmed by a German charity, features the couple having sex – but only at the end is the man revealed to be Hitler.

The ad – produced in German, Spanish and English versions – also features mocked-up posters of Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein having sex with naked women.

The tagline reads: ‘Aids is a mass murderer’. It is set to be shown on German television next week.

… the Das Comitee advertising agency said the shock value of the advert is designed to scare people into safe sex.

The advertisements depict a man and a woman copulating; the shock value – and certainly the accuracy – would increase if homosexual sex were the subject of the campaign. Homosexual and bisexual men are 50 times more likely to have HIV than heterosexual men; but running that advertisement would have taken guts and be politically incorrect.

Gay and bisexual men account for half of new HIV infections in the U.S. and have AIDS at a rate more than 50 times greater than other groups, according to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention data presented at the National HIV Prevention Conference this week in Atlanta.

August 28, 2009

Gay clergy are a gift from God

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According to Gene Robinson:Add an Image

Gene Robinson, the Episcopalian bishop of New Hampshire, criticised the policy of the Church of England towards gay and lesbian clergy. Alluding to the significant number of clergy who are gay, he said: “I think gay clergy in the Church of England are thought of as a problem to be solved or at least lived with, rather than a gift from God.”

If gay clergy are a gift from God, it is a very strange gift, not unlike the Greeks’ gift to Troy. Once the gift is unwrapped and the clergy have come out, chaos will run amok leaving destruction – at least of the western Anglican church – in its path. Which leaves one wondering which god has given the gift.

August 13, 2009

Gaiety in the Anglican Church

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How many of the Church of England’s clergy are homosexual? It appears that we may find out:

A national survey is set to take place to reveal the number of gay clergy within the Church of England, the Guardian newspaper has reported.

The survey is being backed by the Inclusive Church network, which aims to prove that homosexuals perform an important role in the regular running of the Church body.

Canon Giles Goddard, Chair of the Inclusive Church told the Guardian: “It’s very early days but we need realistic information on how many LGBT clergy there are. It’s about demonstrating to people that we’re here and we need to be respected and recognised. We want to play our full role in the life of the church.

What will be even more interesting is what the ratio of homosexuals to heterosexuals in the clergy is. If it is considerably higher than in the general population – and I have a suspicion that it is – it would go a long way to explain why the Anglican church leadership is so determined to legitimise gay sexual activity and allow – even encourage – more senior homosexual ordinations: they have an axe to grind.

July 31, 2009

Four men and a baby

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A sacrifice to Moloch:

Two gay policemen who became the first British same-sex couple to have a baby through a relative are both married – to other men.

Stephen Ponder, 28, a special constable, and his partner Ivan Sigston, 43, a Hampshire police dog handler, are now fathers to William who was born three weeks ago.

It was Mr Ponder’s sister, Lorna Bradley, who gave birth to the child having conceived using PC Sigston’s sperm.

So, to summarise, two homosexual policemen wanted to have a baby. One of them persuaded his sister to have a baby using his paramour’s sperm and give the baby to them. They are both actually “married” to other people – both men. They met while still “married” and became sexually involved because they were both interested in dogs; I don’t think the dogs were married to anyone.

Now they both want to divorce their man-wives so that they can “marry” each other and adopt the baby.

The only thing that is clear about all this is that absolutely no one is giving any thought whatsoever to the welfare of the baby.

July 24, 2009

Anglican gender putty

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The Anglican Church in the US – TEC – in resolution C061 at the 2009 General Convention, has added gender identity and gender expression to the list of otherwise predictable categories that cannot be used to exclude a person from ministering in what is left of its church.

This reinforces the strange contention that, contrary to all evidence that may be externally visible, the sex of a person internally is something that is determined by them alone, perhaps on a whim, and this determination should be respected by otherwise sane onlookers.

Were it not for the fact that we are in an age of gender chaos and have developed a degree of immunity to its ubiquitous peculiarities, I could not reasonably expect a declaration that I am a man on the outside and a woman on the inside to be take any more seriously than one that says I am a man on the outside and a duck on the inside – and I want my quacks to be treated with respect.

The muddle in the Anglican church is a pathetic reflection of what we find in secular organisations:

A transsexual jailed for strangling her boyfriend has gone to the High Court claiming that keeping her in a men’s prison violates her human rights under European law.

The prisoner, in her 20s and serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, is legally female and her birth certificate has been amended accordingly, London’s High Court heard.

Born male, she has had hair on her face and legs permanently removed by laser and has developed breasts after hormone treatment.

Describing her as ‘a woman trapped inside a man’s body’, barrister Phillipa Kaufman said the prisoner was desperate for gender reassignment surgery but medics have refused unless she has lived as a woman for an extended period – only possible if she is moved to a female jail.

I must admit, if Katharine Jefferts-Schori were to come out and expose her inner man, I would not be that surprised.

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July 19, 2009

How many gay people actually want to get married in an Anglican church?

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In Canada, as in most of the Western world, marriage is in decline. Here are some numbers released by Statistics Canada:

Marriage rates per 1,000 population, including same-sex marriages, look like this:

2000 – 5.1
2001 – 4.7
2002 – 4.7
2003 – 4.7
2004 – 4.6

There were 1,369 same-sex marriages registered in 2004.

The population of Canada is around 33,000,000, so in 2004, same-sex marriages catered to about 0.0083% [(1369×2)x(100/33,000,000)] of the population. If we assume 10% of those same-sex couples were Anglican, that means that the Anglican Church of Canada is about to alienate itself from the world wide Anglican Communion, jeopardise ecumenical relations with all other conservative denominations, drive out the orthodox from its midst, and continue its Gadarene plunge into oblivion for the sake of 0.00083% of the population.

Makes sense to me: it’s the master plan for Anglican growth.

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