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May 4, 2010

A message from the alternate universe of Bishop Michael Ingham

Michael Ingham would like us all to believe that African Bishops such as Akinola and Orombi are mere puppets of sinister “elements” in the US that are, for their own nefarious, colonial and probably profit-inspired motives, opposed to sodomy. Such is the miasma currently wafting from the Twilight Zone:

There are definitely those in Africa who believe that the constant references to issues of human sexuality are the hobby horse of a handful of bishops. There are also those who can tell when an African voice delivers a message that has been crafted in the “west.” Many African bishops feel that a few of their colleagues are being used by elements from the United States to continue an American agenda. They are increasingly frustrated by this colonial dynamic.


March 18, 2010

Bishop Michael Ingham doesn’t like the Anglican Covenant

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What a shocker:

Bishop Michael Ingham reported that New Westminster diocesan council expressed concern that the Covenant could be used in a punitive way against member churches who have taken actions to which other provinces object.

Ingham is more than happy to exercise punitive measures against his own clergy – the most notable being J. I. Packer – but doesn’t seem to be too keen on being on the receiving end of such measures.

With Rowan in charge this isn’t particularly likely, but Ingham still plays the aggrieved victim just in case. Bishop Michael Ingham, bully and poltroon.

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