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May 3, 2010

The Anglican Church of Canada is not obsessed with sex. At all.

Particularly not homosexual sex.

As Bishop John Chapman says:

It may be a hot-button topic in the mainstream media but the issue of human sexuality – including homosexuality – hardly saw the light of day at the gathering in England Feb. 24-26 of six African bishops and five Canadian bishops, including Bishop John Chapman. “We had an initial conversation on human sexuality on the first evening together and that was the last time we talked about it,” said the bishop in a recent Crosstalk interview.

It’s true that Bishop Michael Ingham has a web site dedicated to the subject and John Chapman hit the headlines of the Ottawa Citizen – but that was just a media plot to make him look as if he thinks about little else. The Anglican Church of Canada has a similar problem; this extensive Wikipedia article is clearly part of the same plot.

To show how far the enemies of the ACoC are prepared to go to make it look ridiculous, here is a remarkably lifelike simulacrum of Fred Hiltz describing how he went all the way to the UK to discuss unnatural sex with Rowan Williams. In spite of the patent absurdity of this hoax, it presents conclusive evidence that the concocters of this devious conspiracy have reached a worrying level of technical sophistication. You can see from this video that the counterfeit is almost as dull as the real thing; an astonishing achievement.


March 3, 2010

And so it begins

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The UK government, under the guise of it’s Equality Mania, has lifted the ban on same-sex marriages in churches. What will happen next?

Traditionalist bishops and peers fear that vicars could be taken to court and accused of discrimination if they turn down requests to hold civil partnerships on religious premises.

Their concerns have been raised following a landmark vote by peers that will allow the ceremonies for same-sex couples to be held in places of worship for the first time.

In the interests of pressing home my advantage, if I were a gay man determined to legitimise my lifestyle, I would organise a series of gay church “marriages” as test cases; and sue the vicars if they refused to comply.

March 1, 2010

Anglican Church of Canada. General Synod 2010: doing the Indaba?

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The Journal reports:

Issues of sexuality: At its last meeting, CoGS appointed a working group to recommend a process to discuss issues of sexuality. “I think…people feel the process should be driven more by conversation and discernment than by resolution and debate,” Archbishop Hiltz said.

These conversations will begin, he added, with updates from a Faith, Worship and Ministry committee as  well as the Primate’s Theological Commission and the House of Bishops.

This probably means that Hiltz will use some kind of Indaba-style diversionary tactic to prevent attendees addressing the same-sex blessing problem directly: more conversation, more discernment, more listening, more slipperiness. Since a number of dioceses are already blessing same-sex unions, they will continue and others will probably follow; and Hiltz will be able to claim he has not actually given them permission. This is known as leadership in the ACoC.

One might hope that the few conservatives still in the ACoC will see through the ploy and force the issue; a vain hope, I fear.

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