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April 28, 2010

Grovelling for England

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And no-one does it better than Gordon Brown:

Gordon Brown issued a personal apology to a British widow and later said sorry to the entire Labor Party after branding her a bigot on the campaign trail.

The prime minister spent 45 minutes at Gillian Duffy’s terraced home to apologize for unguarded comments caught on a radio microphone that he had forgotten to remove.

Brown was accosted by the 66-year-old after stopping to talk to the voters in the suburbs of Rochdale and was attacked on subjects including welfare payments, student tuition fees and the national debt.

But it was Mrs Duffy’s complaint about immigration from Eastern Europe which prompted Mr Brown to criticise her as he got back into his car and blamed a staff member for not preventing the meeting. “She’s just a bigoted woman,” he told aides in his official car, unaware that his microphone was still live.

British politics is awash with politically correct conservative wimps, socialist dhimmis and money grubbing liberal democrats. Since the British voter has been deprived of any party worth voting for, it’s generous of Gordon Brown to provide the respite of comedic relief; at least the election won’t be a complete loss.


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