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September 21, 2009

The Olympic Truce

Filed under: World Peace — David Jenkins @ 12:18 pm

The CBC announces the Olympic Truce:

Next month, Canada will ask the United Nations to pass a resolution that calls for all countries to “promote the ideals of peace” during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The resolution will ask countries to adopt what’s known as the Olympic Truce, which calls on the world community to cease hostilities during the Games and promote the ideals of peace through sport.

“We believe [the resolution] will be supported by every country,” said John Furlong, the CEO of Vancouver’s Olympic organizing committee.

“I think one of the most important things is to draw to the attention of the world. The Olympic games are on and a spirit of peace should prevail wherever it can, we’ve always believed, and people of sport believe when you’re playing, you’re not fighting.”

Why did no-one think of this before? All that is needed for world peace is more sport. As sweaty sportsmen and women ply their trade a spirit of peace will waft from continent to continent; terrorists and soldiers alike will be soothed into a state of soporific sarvodaya by the sight of gristly steroid-enhanced women galloping around in circles for no good reason.

This kind of innovative brilliance could only come from a nice country like Canada.


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